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Breeding Cave Medium Large Rectangle Brown


Suitable for growing L numbers up to 14 cm such as the L136, L144, L168, L201, L236, L260, L262, L270 and the L397. The brown rectangle breeding caves have a specific good result with the L134. Open at the front and closed at the back.

Slate stone hotel single round


The slate stone are perfect for breeding L-numbers up to 12 cm such as the L046, L129 and L450. The slate stone have been given a beautiful natural finish and are easy to place in the aquarium.

Stacking plate ceramic grey


The sizes of the gray ceramic stacking plates are 30 x 10 cm. The medium, medium large and large breeding caves fit perfectly into the pits of the stacking plates. The stacking plates are 100% safe for your aquarium and pleasant to use.

Breeding cave medium oval brown


The brown oval medium breeding caves are suitable for the little more firm L-numbers op to 12 cm like the L102, L129, L136, L144, L181, L199, L201, L236, L260, L262 and L397. The oval breeding caves are smooth on the outside and are made of brown ceramic.

Breeding cave large triangle brown


The brown large triangle breeding caves are suitable for species of up to 16 cm such as the L066, L070, L201, L204 and the L333. These Largebreeding caves are made from brown ceramic and are 100% safe for your aquarium. Open at the front and closed at the