February relocation

Legholen relocation februari 2020



We are very happy that we can announce that in the month of February we are moving to a new address:

De Kiel 19
9206BG Drachten
The Netherlands

This new building is only 800 meters away from our current building, but has a larger surface  and better layout. It gives us the opportunity for further development and growth of our company.
Changed shipping schedule
As the relocation will be a big logistic operation, we will have to close our doors for a few weeks. So during the relocation we won't be able to ship new orders. Therefor we would like to inform you about the possibilities of ordering products during the relocation:

- Ultimate date for new orders is Thursday 30 January 18:00. These orders will be shipped on Friday 31 January.
- Orders created between Thursday 30 January 18:00 and Friday 28 February will be shipped in week 9 (24-28 February). First come first serve.
- From 2 March it will be business as usual

Placing orders through the webshop remains possible, but keep in mind the extended delivery times mentioned above!

Shopping cart adjustment

During the period in which the longer delivery times apply, we will add an additional mandatory checkbox to the shopping cart. This will contain the following text "Mandatory; due to relocation, orders created now will be sent in week 9 (24 to February 28)"

We add this mandatory checkbox to ensure that everyone is aware of the longer delivery time.

Change your order anyway

Of course instructions can be misread read and/or that you still want to change or add something after placing the order. This is no problem. During the entire relocation we are available as much as possible via e-mail ([email protected]), and during office hours also by phone (+31645278185). Please take into account possible slightly longer reaction times.

Canceling an order before it has been delivered is of course no problem. Per preference you can send us an email at the e-mail adress metioned above.

Delivery of new stock

During the relocation in the entire month of February no new stock will be delivered. From the first week in March we will order from the different suppliers again to re-stock missing products as quickly as possible.