Leaves aquarium

Min: €0 Max: €5

Natural products such as leaves have a beneficial effect on the health of your fish in the aquarium. These natural products also create natural shelters and a natural environment for fish.

Natural products are a source of tannins (acids) that lightly brown the water. These tannins slightly acidify the water and help prevent harmful fungi and bacteria.

Catappa leaves 12-18cm


Catappa leaves reduce the pH, have an antibacterial effect, prevent diseases, etc. Also very suitable as supplementary feed for shrimps, crayfish and other bottom dwellers. Length 12-18 centimeters. 10 pieces.

Guave leaves budget


Guava leaves are dried guava leaves which are full of vitamins and tannins. Therefore these leaves fit well in the aquarium between fish, shrimp and crayfish. Content: 10 pieces.