Tree breeding caves aquarium

Min: €0 Max: €10

All our tree breeding caves are handmade and 100% safe for your aquarium. We have tree breeding caves which are made from ceramic but also made from alder wood. We have the largest range of tree breeding caves in Europe.

Tree breeding caves are the ideal natural breeding caves for all sizes of loricariidae and can be used by the fish during breeding and for shelter. Due to the natural/ erratic structure, these caves are very unobtrusive and also suitable for tying up aquarium plants.

Tree cave 12 cm


The 12 cm tree cave is perfect for growing L-numbers up to 13 cm such as the L102, L144, L134, L400 and L411. The tree caves are 12 cm long and have a diameter of 4 cm. They are perfect for use for breeding or for your show aquarium.

Tree cave 15 cm


Perfect shelter/ breeding cave for L-numbers up to 16 cm such as the L066, L134, L136, L144 and the L201. The tree caves have been given a beautiful treatment, which makes them look like real wood.